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Neoclassical Curtains

Neoclassical curtains are currently one of the most popular curtain styles. Neoclassicism is suitable for spacious rooms that are flooded with sunlight.
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classic curtain

The design and execution of the classic curtain gives any interior space a cozy, complete and at the same time luxurious and ceremonial appearance.
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modern curtain

In designing modern interior decoration, modern curtain design as one of the most important elements of interior decoration is of special importance.
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The role of curtains in interior decoration

One of the most important elements in interior decoration are light sources. As you know, natural light (sunlight) is the best source of…
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Introducing Decor e Bartar Gallery

Decor e Bartar Curtain Gallery is a creative, luxurious and up-to-date collection. We specialize in ideation...
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